Can I cancel?

You are NOT tied into a subscription with us. You can delay your deliveries as needed and cancel your deliveries any time you want. You can cancel on your customer portal or through our customer team. 

Can i change delivery dates?

You can push your delivery date back (or forward) so long as we have not packed the delivery. Our team is there to help!

Can I change flavours?

If you pet does not like one of the flavours, you can always remove them from your next delivery and replace with something else.

Where can I find out more about you?

You can visit our website for our story, details on our food and ingredients and the science behind raw dog food nutrition. Click here to visit the main website. (By the way we have stored your referral code for this session so when you want to proceed just click through to the nutrition wizard and your special deal will be applied.)

Tell me more about your auto reorder method?

Nobody wants to run out of dog food, so we have designed a special engine to calculate when you need food so we can deliver just in time. You can choose the size of delivery you need which fits your available freezer size and we calculate the daily feed for your pet and the schedule we need to deliver so just as you are finishing a batch, the next one is arriving. We send you emails before each step so you know what is going on and you can make changes if you need.

How does delivery work?

We delivery Monday through Friday with DPD. If you have had a DPD delivery before, you know that they notify you of upcoming deliveries which you can track and also leave drop-off instructions for. You don't need to be at home as you can give them alternative instructions on where to leave your box.

How does frozen food work?

We deliver the food in 500g tubs in the case of dog food, and 250g tubs in the case of cat food. They are delivered in a double lined box. The tubs are packed with dry ice which gradually and harmlessly evaporates away during the journey. Dry ice is dry so it does not soak the cardboard. On arrival you simply pack the tubs into the freezer. You will receive a welcome email that provides feeding guidance for you. Just to be clear, you don't need to cook the food. You simply thaw and serve.

Do you have real customer service?

We recognise that things go wrong or circumstances change and the most important thing for a customer is that they can reach out to a real human for help. We have a customer service team available seven days a week whose job is to advise, help and smooth out all the edges. You can reach them through live chat (the little orange icon on the bottom right), the telephone, facebook messenger, SMS, whatsapp and even instagram.